TL/R - Turn Left/Right

FL/R - Fork Left/Right

KL/R - Keep Left/Right

X - Cross

SNEAKY - Easy to miss turn. Don't miss these!


Exit Box End Park, take care through the car park, some of the runners who are starting after you might try to take out their competition early with their cars!

0.2m - TL onto Box End Road

0.6m - TL down Church End. Follow road round to right and 0.8m pass gate onto footpath

1.2m - pass another gate at end of footpath and continue along road

1.3m - TL and immediately TR down cycle lane

1.4m - TL into Mill Lane and follow path towards river

1.5m - X Bridge and in 50m X another bridge

1.6m - Keep Right on sandy footpath

2.4m - Keep Right and continue along path

3.1m - Fork Right


4.3m - Path will end at Prebend St Bridge. Go up onto bridge and TR

You are now on the John Bunyan Trail

This next section is a bit rubbish. A few busy road crossings and not particularly scenic. Please take care and use the crossings provided. This is however the closest you'll be to a hospital in the race

4.3m - KR - Follow road

4.4m - X Road, KR

4.6m - At Large Roundabout go straight on, Crossing two roads while keeping to the right. You should be on London Road (You should see it sloping upwards). Continue up London Road (Don't go down side street that is parallel).

4.7m - TR down Elstow Road and continue

5.5m - At roundabout cross road and continue down cyclepath. You should see a roadsign "Progress Way"

6.2m - TL onto Medbury Lane - Continue on track

7m - Path wiggles a bit, do not take trail down to "Farm Cottages"

8.7m - At road TR then TL onto Elms Lane

9m - Continue through farm

9.5m - Enjoy the biggest hill of the race. Perhaps stop and take a look back at wonderful Bedfordshire. And then remember that people are chasing you so you must dash

10.2m - Continue down road

10.5m - TR then TL down Northwood Lane

10.8m - SNEAKY BIT - TL then TR onto a footpath. You are essentially keeping a straight line but now on the other side of a hedge.

You are now on the Greensands Ridge


Take care crossing road

Eat, drink, fill your water bottles, thank the marshals

11.4m - Continue along through woods

12.9m - X road

13.2m - Keep to RHS of trees

13.8m - TR then TL

14.3m - SNEAKY - TR

14.6m - TL, TR X field

15m -

15.1m - TL, TR

15.4m - TR

15.6m - Stop for a moment to read a lovely poem

15.9m - TR onto road and head into Northill

16.0m - TL onto Thornecote Road

16.2m - TR

16.9m - TL, TR

17m - X Road

17.3m - TL

17.4m - TR

17.6m - TL, TR

17.8m - X green and TL onto road

17.9m - TR down The Crescent

18m - X A1 over walkway

18.1m - Take permissive path at bottom of steps

18.1m - TL and TR and X River

18.3m - TL and follow Road

18.7m - TR Onto Bedford Road,

CHECKPOINT 2 on Bedford Road

Eat, drink, fill your water bottles, thank the marshals

18.8m - Continue Along Bedford road Roundabout

19.2m - X Roundabout straight over onto Sunderland Road and continue

20.3m - AFTER the school you should see a cycle path on the left, Take it

20.6m - FR onto cycle route 51

20.7m - X Straight small ROundabout, Under the A1

20.8m - X Straight over small roundabout

You are now on National Cycleway 51 and it is pretty much a straight line all the way back. The description now does not contain every twist and turn as there are signs for route 51. Keep following the signs for Route 51.

21.8m - Take care at road crossing and follow route through houses

23.8m - Zig Zag through Willington Lock

24m - Pass Danish Camp

25.3m - Cross overbridge A421

26.2m - Marathon Done!

26.2m - Checkpoint 3 - Priory

Eat, drink, fill your water bottles, thank the marshals

27.3m - At junction of paths TR then TL, keeping river on your Right. You are now on the River path and not route 51

27.8m - Continue under bridge by rowing club (if Swans will let you)

27.9m - X Pedestrian bridge to the side with Premier Inn and bars

You are now back on the path you started the race on. Maybe just turn the first few instructions upsidedown and go from there?


OK then..

27.9m Continue along river, keeping it on your left


28.6m - KL Under Wooden Bridge

29.7m - KL onto sandy track

30.5m - X the same two wooden bridges you did near the start

30.6m - Down Mill lane

30.7m- TR

30.9m - TR and TL

31.1m - Through gate onto footpath

It's a *bit* longer than 50k. Sorry about that, the hazards of trail routes! Also I've just clocked that I've advertised this as a 50k race and put all the instructions in miles. Sorry about that too. Hopefully the maths wasn't too hard.

31.7m - Through gate and continue past church

31.9m TR onto Box End Road

Please take care. Though you are close to the end and likely to be bunched up more this is a busy road with a narrow footpath.

32.4m - TR into Box End Park

32.7m - FINISH!!!!!!!

32.8m - You have a choice, it's 100 meters to the pub or 100 meters to a shower.